Making every step count


Put your foot down for a great cause!

How many steps did you take today? For most office workers it’s only around 2,500. Steptember is a fun way to become more active and raise much needed funds for Scope. Anyone can take part and it's a great way for everyone to log their fitness on our interactive website.

The event may be called 'Steptember', but walking isn’t the only way to reach your step daily step count. You can run, wheel, cycle, swim or even dance your way to glory. There are over 60 different activities you can convert to steps and use to discover the virtual Steptember world. Climb the Steptember mountain, reach the checkpoints and receive online rewards.

A woman looking to the sky doing yoga

Your Challenge

Looking for a way to increase your fitness levels, develop new healthy habits and have a great time with friends? Steptember challenges you to take 10,000 steps a day for 28 days straight. Take your steps whenever you like, wherever you like, and however you like while keeping track online.

A woman walking through the city

Support Scope's work

Every step you take, however you take it, will be made easier because you are contributing to Scope's work. Every pound you raise during Steptember allows us to provide support, information and advice to more than a quarter of a million disabled people and their families every year. So go on, sign up today.

Two men doing an exercise class

How it works

Get a team together of up to 4 people and register online to begin your journey. We'll send you a pedometer and from 1 September you can track your daily step count. Make every step count by asking your friends, colleagues and family members to sponsor you. They'll be able to monitor your progress up the Steptember mountain and give you a rally cry if you're struggling.

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