Making every step count


How can Steptember benefit your company

By improving your employees overall health and wellbeing

  • Exercise can boost self-esteem, sleep quality and energy levels as well as reducing stress and depression.
  • Regular exercise can reduce a person’s risk of heart disease, strokes, diabetes and cancer by up to 50%.
  • Because of these positive health benefits, businesses like yours are likely to see a decrease in sick days and absences from Steptember participants.

It's a great team building activity

  • Teams will have to work together to achieve their daily steps. This can include taking part in exercise activities together, supporting and encouraging each other to achieve their daily steps.
  • The fundraising element also encourages positive team working . Whether this is just by offering support and encouragement to other team members , or the team might even arrange a group fundraising event.
  • Having multiple teams competing will also inspire competitiveness and team spirit in your office.

Steptember will boost morale and motivation 

  • The increase in energy levels will also increase overall motivation levels.
  • This fun and competitive challenge will allow participants to feel good about themselves.
  • Having a charitable activity encouraged by your organisation will have a positive impact on the pride that employees feel about working for you. This can help you to retain staff and even attract job seekers!

If you'd like your organisation to participate in Steptember 2016, please contact a member of our team.


Last year's success

Last year:

  • 22% of participants lost weight
  • 20% of participants were able to handle stress better
  • 25% of participants experienced improved sleep patterns
  • 73% said they would like to participate again


“This was a great way to bring the team together, encouraged us to take a lunch break away from the office and raise money for a good cause”
Julie, Ceva Logistics

“Very enjoyable it promoted competitiveness and teamwork at our workplace!”
Kate, Goodman

“I thoroughly enjoyed Steptember! As well as raising money for a very good cause, I improved my fitness level and lost almost a stone in weight!”
Elaine, Trades Union Congress

Useful Tools

We have various tools available below to help you to promote Steptember 2015 within your organisation. Please click on the images below to print out posters, leaderboards or certificates.

Steptember Poster - Why not put this poster up in your kitchens, toilets, lifts and common areas to advertise Steptember to you employees?

Steptember Leaderboard - Why not have a weekly round up of winning teams?