Making every step count


Make every step count

Taking 10,000 steps a day for a month is no small feat, so don’t be shy about asking your friends, family and workmates to sponsor you for Steptember.

  1. Just ask! You’re putting your best foot forward on a big challenge for a great cause: supporting what Scope does. So make sure your friends, family and colleagues know about it! We’ve found that when people know others taking part in Steptember, they want to do their part to make a difference too.

  2. Make a donation - Kick off Steptember with the first donation. It’s a great way to lead by example and show your sponsors that you’re standing right behind your cause.

  3. Tell the world - Start by emailing friends, family and work colleagues. Ask them to forward to others who might be able to help. Post a link to your fundraising page via Facebook and Twitter. Why not put your fundraising goal and a link to your page on your work email signature?

  4. Ask the boss to kick in - Most organisations will match an employee’s fundraising efforts or provide a company donation.

  5. Hold a fundraising event - It can be as easy as baking and selling cupcakes, running a quiz night, a Friday BBQ, ‘Wacky Shoe Day’ — whatever! Whatever idea you choose to run with, remember that every pound raised goes towards supporting the work that Scope does.

Useful Tools

We have various tools available below to help you reach your fundraising targets.

Steptember Social Media - Fundraising on social media is easy! 

Steptember Extra Challenges - Here's an idea of our typical week to get to those 10,000 steps